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Tom Cruise's Height

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Tom Cruise's Weight

160 lbs

How tall is Tom Cruise? What is Tom Cruise’s height and weight? Tom Cruise stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. Born in Sycracuse, New York, Tom Cruise began to pursue an acting career in the early 80s, first appearing in supporting roles, and finally breaking out with his starring role in 1983’s “Risky Business”. By his 1986 performance in the hit film, “Top Gun”, he had already become a star. He has continued to appear in a string of commercially successfully films including, “Rain Man”, “Born on the Fourth of July”, “Interview with the Vampire”, the “Mission Impossible” franchise, “War of the Worlds”, “The Last Samurai”, “Tropic Thunder”, and most recently, “Knight and Day”. While his professional career has been quite successful, his personal life has been subject to a great deal of scrutiny by the press and public, beginning with his public split in 2001 from first wife, actress Nicole Kidman while she was pregnant, to his public declaration of love for Katie Holmes, his current wife in 2006.