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Tamara Ecclestone's Height

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Tamara Ecclestone's Weight

120 lbs

Tamara Ecclestone stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall and weighs 120 pounds. Born in Milan, Tamara Ecclestone graduated from the Francis Holland School in London and then attended the University College London. She grew up as part of a famous family, as her parents were internationally recognized Armani model, Slavica Ecclestone and Formula 1 driver, Bernie Ecclestone. She began working as a presenter and television personality in the late 90s, making her debut as the presenter for the Red Bull Air Race in 2006. Since then she has served as a presenter and producer for a number of projects, including, Sky 1’s “The Race” and her own show, “Tamara View”. She was hired by Formula 1 to cover their entire season on the Sky Channel, and she also presented for them on GMTV and the BBC. She also hosts her own lifestyle show, which bridges the gap between Formula 1 and fashion, called “Miss E. Meets…”.