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Steven Seagal's Height

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Steven Seagal's Weight

225 lbs

Steven Seagal stands 6 feet and 4 inches and weighs 225 pounds. Born in Lansing, Michigan, Steven Seagal grew up in Fullerton, California. He began martial arts training and subsequently moved to Japan to study more seriously. He became the first foreigner to own and operate a dojo in Japan. He is a 7th Dan degree and Shihan in Aikido and has opened a series of successful dojos in the US, in addition to his dojo in Japan, which is still operated by his ex-wife. His Hollywood career began with work as a fight choreographer on such films as “The Challenge”, “Never Say Never Again”, and “A View to Kill”. In the late 80s, he starred in his first film, “Above the Law”. The film was successful and launched his career as an action star, with 1992’s “Under Siege”, standing out as his most successful project. Since the mid-90s, he has mainly released projects direct-to-video and focused on his music career and other business ventures.