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110 lbs

What is Snooki’s height and weight? Snooki stands 4 feet and 9 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds. Born in Santiago, Chile, Snooki, also known as Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi, grew up in New York and originally pursued a career as a veterinary technician. She first came to public attention when she was featured on the MTV show, “Is She Really Going Out with Him”, about women who dated obnoxious men. She joined the cast of the reality series, “Jersey Shore” in 2009, and quickly became its most popular cast member. Her behavior, which is often compared to that of Lindsay Lohan, has polarized the public’s reaction to her. After being punched in the face by a New York City high school teacher, her guest appearance rate increased to five times its original fee. She is currently paid $30,000 per episode on “Jersey Shore”. She is slated to appear in her own spin-off series with fellow “Jersey Shore” cast mate, Jennifer Farley, sometime in the near future.

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