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Seth Rogen's Weight

200 lbs

What is Seth Rogen’s height and weight? How tall is Seth Rogen? Seth Rogen is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 200 pounds. An actor, writer, comedian, voiceover artist, and producer, Seth Rogen was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and began his career working the Canadian stand-up comedy circuit. When he was 16, he auditioned for the television series, “Freaks and Geeks”, and moved to Los Angeles to shoot the project. It was subsequently cancelled, but he was hired to write for and star in Judd Apatow’s next series, “Undeclared”. “Undeclared” was also cancelled, but Mr. Rogen continued to work with Judd Apatow, while also writing for the 2nd season of “Da Ali G Show”. In 2005, he co-produced, played a supporting role in, and contributed to the script for the smash hit, “The 40-Year Old Virgin”, starring Steve Carrell and directed by Jadd Apatow. From there, he went on to star in another hit film, “Knocked Up”, again with Judd Apatow, and then went on to write and/or star in multiple hits including, “Superbad”, and “Pineapple Express”.