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Serena Williams's Height

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Serena Williams's Weight

165 lbs

How tall is Serena Williams? What is Serena Williams’ height and weight? Serena Williams stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. Born in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Serena Williams began playing tennis while in elementary school. It was quickly apparent that both she, and her sister, Venus showed exceptional ability. After attending a tennis academy for a few years and reaching #1 on the Under-10 circuit, her father chose to pull she and her sister out of the academy and to coach them at home. She made her professional debut in the mid-90s as a teenager, and after a few rough years, went on to become a very successful player. She has won five Australian Open, one French Open, four Wimbledon, and three US Open singles championships, in addition to multiple double and mixed double Grand Slam wins. She won Gold medals in Doubles at both the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and the Beijing Olympics in 2008.