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Sandra Bullock's Height

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Sandra Bullock's Weight

110 lbs

What is Sandra Bullock’s height and weight? How tall is Sandra Bullock? Sandra Bullock stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds. Born in Arlington County, Virginia, Sandra Bullock spent much of her childhood traveling with her mother, who was an opera singer. She studied dance and opera as a child, and later left college to pursue an acting career in New York. She appeared in various plays and student films, before beginning on-camera work in the late 80s. She played lead or supporting roles in a number of smaller films including, “Love Potion No. 9” and “The Thing Called Love”, before appearing in the action film, “Demolition Man”. Her performance in “Demolition Man” led to the film that would launch her career, “Speed”. Since the release of “Speed”, she has continued to release commercially successful films, including “Miss Congeniality”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Two Weeks Notice”, and “The Proposal”. In the mid-2000s, her work began to receive more critical praise, culminating in a Golden Globe, a SAG Award, and an Oscar for her performance in the film “The Blind Side”.