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Prince Charles's Height

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Prince Charles's Weight

170 lbs

Prince Charles stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall and weighs 170 pounds. Born in Buckingham Palace, London, England, Prince Charles, also known as Charles Philip Arthur George, is the heir to the British throne. He attended the Cheam and Gordonstoun Schools, before graduating from Trinity College in Cambridge. He studied Welsh language and history in addition to his major while at Trinity, and was the first Prince of Wales, born outside of Wales, to do so. After graduation, he served in the Royal Navy for five years, from 1971-1976. He married Diana Spencer, a “commoner”, in 1981, and the ceremony was one of the most watched television events ever. The pair had two children, and then divorced in 1996, after she accused him of adultery, and he admitted it on national television. He went on to marry his mistress in 2005. He has launched a number of charities, including The Prince’s Regeneration Trust, Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment, and The Prince’s Trust, among many others.