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Patrick Swayze's Height

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Patrick Swayze's Weight

170 lbs

Patrick Swayze stood 5 feet and 10 inches tall and weighed 170 pounds (his normal weight before he got sick). Born in Houston, Texas, Patrick Swayze was an athlete and dancer, competing in football and attending the Harkness Ballet and Joffrey Ballet Schools. He began dancing professionally for “Disney on Parade”, and then gained his first role on Broadway as Danny Zuko in “Grease”. He made his film debut in 1979 in “Skatetown, U.S.A”, and followed this up with supporting roles in various film and television projects, including “M.A.S.H”, “The Outsiders”, “Red Dawn”, and “North and South”. He became a star after appearing in the sleeper hit, “Dirty Dancing”, and became internationally recognized after starring in the smash hit, “Ghost” in 1990. His career had ups and downs after that, and he appeared in various projects including, “Point Break”, “Donnie Darko”, and “King’s Solomon’s Mines”. He passed away in 2009 due to pancreatic cancer.