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Nelson Mandela's Height

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Nelson Mandela's Weight

200 lbs

Nelson Mandela stands 6 feet and 3 inches tall and weighs 200 pounds. Born in Mvezo, South Africa, Nelson Mandela has become one of the most powerful political and social figures in the world. A high-profile anti-apartheid activist throughout the 60s, he led the Umkhonto we Sizwe, a branch of the African National Congress. His involvement with Umkhonto we Sizwe led to his arrest. He was charged with sabotage and other crimes against the South African government and was sentenced to life in prison. He served for 27 years. When he was released in 1990, he worked to establish a democratic government in South Africa that was representative of all racial groups. In 1994, he was elected the first black President of South Africa, in the country’s first democratic election. He served until 1999, and his time in office was considered largely successful. In 1993, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.