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115 lbs

What is Michelle Rodriguez’s weight and height? How tall is Michelle Rodriguez? Michelle Rodriguez weighs 115 pounds and stands 5 feet 4 inches tall. Born in San Antonio, Texas, Michelle Rodriguez was expelled from five schools, and ultimately decided to leave business school to become an actor. Her first audition turned into the role that would bring her national attention, as Diana Guzman, the female protagonist in the award-winning independent film, “Girlfight”. The film won multiple awards, as did Ms. Rodriguez. Since “Girlfight”, she has appeared in multiple films including, “Resident Evil”, “S.W.A.T”, “Battle: Los Angeles”, “The Fast and the Furious”, and “Avatar”, among others. She has appeared on various televisions shows, including two seasons on the hit show “Lost”, and the series, “Immortal Grand Prix”. She is also pursuing a career in screenwriting and is currently writing two projects, one a family film, and the other a remake of a German film.