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Martina Hingis's Weight

130 lbs

How tall is Martina Hingis? What is Martina Hingis height and weight? Martina Hingis stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds. Born in Kosice, Slovakia, Martina Hingis was born to two accomplished tennis players, and began playing tennis at age 2. She moved with her mother to Switzerland when she was seven, and by age 12, she had won her first Grand Slam juniors title, becoming the youngest person ever to do so. She would set a number of records over the course of the next few years, including becoming the youngest player to win a Grand Slam match at age 14, and becoming the youngest player to win a Grand Slam tournament at age 15, winning the doubles championship at Wimbledon. She subsequently became the youngest singles champion of the 20th century, as well. She retired in 2003 and made an attempt at a comeback in the late-2000s, but has since decided to remain in retirement. Her singles championship titles include 3 Australian Open wins, one Wimbledon win, and 1 US Open win, as well as nine Grand Slam doubles titles.