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Mariska Hargitay's Height

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Mariska Hargitay's Weight

120 lbs

How tall is Mariska Hargitay? What is Mariska Hargitay’s height and weight? Mariska Hargitay stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 120 pounds. Born in Los Angeles, California, Mariska Hargitay began acting in high school and, left her college career early to pursue acting work full-time. She began to appear on various television shows in the the late 80s, including “Falcon Crest”, “Can’t Hurry Love”, “E.R.”, “Baywatch”, and “In the Heat of the Night”, among many others. In the late 90s, she was cast in the role that would make her a star, on the “Law and Order” spin-off series, “Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit”, as Detective Olivia Benson. She has played the role since the series began, with a brief period of absence in 2006 for maternity leave, and recently signed on to appear on the show through Season 13. In addition to her television work, she has also appeared in such films as, “Leaving Las Vegas”, “Lake Placid”, and “Perfume”.