Lizzy Caplan Height and Weight

Lizzy Caplan's Height

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Lizzy Caplan's Weight

115 lbs

Lizzy Caplan stands 5 feet and 4 inches tall and weighs 115 pounds. Born in Los Angeles, California, Lizzy Caplan intended to pursue a career in music, studying at the Hamilton High School Academy of Music. She shifted her focus to acting, however, and began her professional career just before graduating in 2000. Her first professional role was a small part on the short-lived series, “Freaks and Geeks”. She followed this up with multiple guest starring roles, appearing on such television shows as “Smallville”, “Once and Again”, “The Pitts”, and “Tru Calling”. Her film career began soon after this, and she gained widespread attention for her supporting performance in “Mean Girls”. Since then, she has wracked up a steady string of guest starring and co-starring roles on television and in films, including “Love is the Drug”, “American Dad”, “Cloverfield”, “True Blood”, “Crossing Over”, “127 Hours”, and “Children’s Hospital”.