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Lindsay Lohan's Height

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Lindsay Lohan's Weight

105 lbs

What is Lindsay Lohan’s height and weight? How tall is Lindsay Lohan? Lindsay Lohan weighs 105 pounds and stands 5 feet 5 inches tall. Lindsay Lohan, an actress, singer, and model originally from New York, New York, began her professional career as a toddler, appearing in multiple print ads, commercials, and as a series regular on the soap opera, “Another World”, before her 11th birthday. She was cast as the star of Disney’s remake of “The Parent Trap” when she was 11, and the film was so successful that Disney signed her to a multi-film contract. She made a number of successful films in quick succession including “Freaky Friday”, “Mean Girls”, and “Herbie: Fully Loaded”. She also released a successful album in 2004, entitled “Speak” which rose to #4 on the Billboard Hot 200. She began to have problems with her health and various addictions in the mid-2000s and has only shot projects sporadically since then, as she has been in and out of rehab and jail multiple times. She is next scheduled to shoot “Gotti: Three Generations”.