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Kris Humphries's Height

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Kris Humphries's Weight

235 lbs

Kris Humphries stands 6 feet and 9 inches tall and weighs 235 pounds. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Kris Humphries first gained attention within the sports’ community as a swimmer. He still holds the record for the fastest 50M and 100M times for boys 10 and under. He chose to leave swimming to focus on basketball when he was 12. His high school career was successful and he became a McDonald’s All American in 2003 and was named Minnesota Player of the Year by both the Minnesota Star Tribune and Basketball News. He chose to attend the University of Minnesota for college, and while he played well, the team was largely unsuccessful. He was drafted by the Utah Jazz in 2004, and played for the team until 2006. He next played for the Toronto Raptors until 2009. He began to emerge as a formidable player while with the Raptors. He then spent a season with the Dallas Mavericks before moving to the New Jersey Nets. He has been highly successful with the Nets. In addition to his recognition for his basketball career, he is also recognized as the man who was married to Kim Kardashian for 72 days.