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Jimmy Fallon's Height

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Jimmy Fallon's Weight

165 lbs

Jimmy Fallon stands 5 feet and 11 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Jimmy Fallon graduated from high school and enrolled at The College of Saint Rose as a Computer Science major. He ended up choosing to shift his degree focus to Communications, but left during his senior year to focus on a music and comedy career. He went back and graduated in 2009. He began performing stand-up while in high school, and later moved to Los Angeles, where he also trained with the famed improv group, The Groundlings. He was invited to audition for “Saturday Night Live” in the late 90s, and joined the cast in 1998, becoming a full cast member a year later. He remained with the show doing sketches, impersonations, and comedic musical acts until 2004. In addition to his work on “Saturday Night Live”, he appeared in such films as “Almost Famous”, “Fever Pitch”, “Factory Girl”, and “Whip It”. He is currently hosting his own talk show, called “The Jimmy Fallon Show”.