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Jenna Jameson's Weight

110 lbs

How tall is Jenna Jameson? How much does Jenna Jameson weigh? What is Jenna Jameson’s height? Jenna Jameson weighs 110 pounds and stands 5 feet 8 inches tall. Born Jenna Marie Massoli, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jenna Jameson began working as a stripper while still in high school. After getting the job with a fake ID, she removed her braces with pliers and within months was earning $2000 a night. A heavy drug user, she eventually lost too much weight to continue working and returned home to detox. After getting clean, she began working in the porn industry and with a year, had become one of its most popular stars. She retired in 2007, after a very successful career in which she won every major award in the porn industry and was dubbed, “The Queen of Porn”. She released a bestselling autobiography in 2004, started her own successful adult entertainment company, and has made guest appearances on such shows as, “Howard Stern”, “Wild On”, and “The Family Guy”.