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Howard Stern's Weight

225 lbs

What is Howard Stern’s height and weight? Howard is an American radio personality, television host, author, actor, and photographer who is 6’5″ feet tall and weighs 225 pounds. He has his own radio show which was a nationally syndicated program from 1986 to 2005. Howard was born on January 12, 1954 in Jackson Heights, Queens in New York City. His family was of Jewish decent, his mother Ray and his father Ben are children of Austor-Hungarian immigrants, and he became interested in radio at the young age of five. His father Ben was the co-owner of Aura Recording, Inc., located in Manhattan, which was a popular place for the production of cartoons and commercials. Stern was influenced by actors such as; Wally Cox, Don Adams and Larry Storch who was the voice of some of his favorite cartoon characters. His father Ben was also an engineer at a radio station in Manhattan known as WHOM. He attended Washington-Rose Elementary School, Roosevelt Junior-Senior High School, as well as South Side High School. Stern completed two years at Boston University where he was educated in Basic Studies; later in 1973 he worked at the campus radio station known as WTBU. He later graduated in May of 1976 from Boston University with a degree in Communications. He became at popular on-air personality at WRNW in Briarcliff Manor, WCCC located in Hartford and the Detroit radio station known as WWWW. Stern married he is currently married to his second wife model Beth Ostrosky, he has three daughters from his first marriage. Some of his interests include; Transcendental Meditation, Chess and photography. Stern was named the 49th Most Powerful Celebrity by Forbes Magazine in 2011.