George W. Bush Height and Weight

George W. Bush's Height

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George W. Bush's Weight

191.6 lbs

George W. Bush stands 5 feet and 11 3/4 inches tall and weighs 191.6 pounds. Born in New Haven, Connecticut, George W. Bush was raised primarily in Texas, and graduated from Yale with a degree in History, and from Harvard Business School with an MBA. He served in the Texas and Alabama National Guards from 1968-1974. He first ran for a seat in the Texas House of Representatives in 1978, but was defeated. He worked for his father’s campaign and served as part of his advisory panel throughout his presidency. In 1991, he ran for Governor of Texas and won. He served as Governor for two terms, before announcing his decision to run for President. He won the Republican nomination and then was named President after a very tense election process. He served as President of the United States from January 2001 to January 2009.