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Gareth Bale's Height

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Gareth Bale's Weight

163 lbs

How tall is Gareth Bale? What is the height of Gareth Bale? How much does Gareth Bale weigh? Gareth Bale is a Premier League football player who weighs 163 pounds and is 6 feet tall. Currently a player for Tottenham Hotspur and the Welsh National Team, Gareth Bale spent his first years of professional football play with Southampton. After receiving great amounts of praise for his work with Southampton, where he was the second youngest player in the team’s history, Gareth Bale had a very rough first two years with Tottenham Hotspur, spending the majority of his time on the sidelines due to injury. After a frustrating two years, he finally returned to form in 2010 and recently renewed his contract with the football club through 2015. He has expressed an interest in appearing in the 2012 Olympic Games and hopes to play for the Great Britain Olympic team.