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Frankie Muniz's Height

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Frankie Muniz's Weight

132 lbs

Frankie Muniz stands 5 feet and 4 inches tall and weighs 132 pounds. Born in Ridgewood, New Jersey, Frankie Muniz moved to North Carolina when he was in elementary school. He began acting while in North Carolina, and subsequently relocated to California with his mother to pursue a performance career more seriously. He began working in commercials, and then television specials, including “To Dance with Olivia”, and “What the Deaf Man Heard”. In 1999, he secured the role of Malcolm on the television show, “Malcolm in the Middle”, and the series made him a household name. “Malcolm in the Middle” ran until 2006. In addition to his work on that show, he also appeared in guest starring roles on such shows as “Lizzie McGuire”, “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch”, and “MADtv”. He also starred in the movies, “Big Fat Liar” and “Agent Cody Banks”, and its sequel. Since 2005, he has been primarily focused on a career in racecar driving.