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Ezra Koenig's Weight

150 lbs

How tall is Ezra Koenig? What are Ezra Koenig’s height and weight? Ezra Koenig is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. Born in New York, New York, Ezra Koenig is the lead singer and a guitarist for the popular band, Vampire Weekend. He began writing music while he was in elementary school and graduated from Columbia University with a degree in English. The members of Vampire Weekend began performing together in their senior year at Columbia University. The got their name from the title of a film they were making during the summer. Their first album was self-produced, funded with money from their full-time jobs, and peaked at #17 on the Billboard Hot 200. They were declared the “Next Great Band” by multiple music publications including Spin and Rolling Stone, and their music was featured on television, and in movies and video games. Their second album, “Contra”, was released in early 2010, and debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 200. After extensive touring, the band is currently on hiatus, fearing burnout.