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How tall is Edward Norton? What is Edward Norton’s height and weight? Edward Norton stands 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 180 pounds. Born in Columbia, Maryland, Edward Norton began acting in camp productions in his early teens. He chose to major in History at Yale University, but after working overseas for a time, returned to the US and began to pursue a career in performance. He began to appear in Off-Broadway productions in the early 90s, and by 1996, he had made a successful transition to film with his critically lauded performance in the feature film, “Primal Fear”. Since that first star-making role, he has appeared in a string of interesting, if not always commercially successful projects, including, “American History X”, “Fight Club”, “Rounders”, “The 25th Hour”, and “The Illusionist”. Additionally, he directed the successful romantic comedy, “Keeping the Faith”, and also made an appearance on the television show, “Modern Family”.

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