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170 lbs

How tall is Dane Cook? What is Dane Cook’s height and weight? Dane Cook stands 6 feet tall and weighs 170 pounds. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Dane Cook began performing comedy when he was in junior high school to combat a tendency towards shyness. He majored in graphic design in college, while pursuing a career in comedy. His big break came in the form of an appearance on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend”. He went on to appear in a special for Comedy Central, among other Comedy Central appearances. His first album, “Harmful if Swallowed”, was released in 2003 and was subsequently certified Platinum. He has headlined a number of successful tours and one-off performances including, “Vicious Circle”, “Tourgasm”, “The Insomniac Tour”, and most recently, “Isolated Innocent”. He is considered by many comedians to be terribly unfunny, but audiences flock to his performances. He is next set to appear on Broadway opposite Josh Hamilton in “Fat Pig”, by Neil LaBute.

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