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Brendan Fraser's Height

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Brendan Fraser's Weight

234 lbs

Brendan Fraser stands 6 feet and 3 inches tall and weighs 234 pounds. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Brendan Fraser began acting in school and graduated from the Cornish College of the Arts. He moved to Hollywood in the 80s, and made his professional debut in a reenactment segment of “America’s Most Wanted”. He then made the shift to film work with supporting and/or starring roles in such projects as “Encino Man”, “School Ties”, “Airheads”, “With Honors”, and “George of the Jungle”. He went on to appear in multiple comedies throughout the early 2000s, including “Bedazzled”, and “Monkeybone”. Since then, he has gone back and forth between comedies, action films, and dramas, including “Gods and Monsters”, “The Mummy” franchise, “Crash”, “Inkheart”, and “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. He also had a successful run in the West End production of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and is next slated to appear in the film, “Whole Lotta Sole”.