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Bill O'Reilly's Height

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Bill O'Reilly's Weight

247 lbs

How tall is Bill O’Reilly? What is Bill O’Reilly’s height and weight? Bill O’Reilly stands 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 247 pounds. Born in New York, New York, Bill O’Reilly began his broadcasting career in the 70s just after college, working in Pennsylvania as a reporter, anchor, and weatherman. He then moved from station to station for the next few years, winning a number of broadcasting awards along the way. His own show launched in 1980 on CBS, and, after a dispute with producers, he began working for ABC. In the early 90s he served as an anchor on the syndicated gossip show, “Inside Edition”. Beginning in the late 90s, he began to host his own show, originally titled “The O’Reilly Report”. The name was later changed to “The O’Reilly Factor”, and the show, which airs weekdays on the Fox Network, has become the most watched show on the three 24 hour cable news channels. His reporting on the show has met with a great deal of controversy, however, and he has a large number of critics who view his news as opinion, as opposed to fact.