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Angelina Jolie's Height

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Angelina Jolie's Weight

137 lbs

How tall is Angelina Jolie? What is Angelina Jolie’s height and weight? Angelina Jolie stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 137 pounds. Angelina Jolie was born in Los Angeles, California and began to focus on acting in her late teens. After a few years at the Lee Stasberg Institute, she dropped out and briefly pursued a modeling career before returning to theater. Her first on-camera roles were in a series of music videos in the early 90s, and her first feature film was the direct-to-DVD, “Cyborg 2”. She appeared in various films throughout the 90s, including “Hackers”, “Playing God”, “Mojave Moon”, “George Wallace”, and “Gia”, the latter two for which she received numerous acting nominations and awards. However, it was not until 1999’s “Girl Interrupted”, that she really caught Hollywood’s attention. She won an Oscar for her role and has not stopped since. Her credits include “Lara Croft: Tombraider”, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, “The Good Shepherd”, “Wanted”, “Salt”, and most recently, “The Tourist”.