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120 lbs

American actress and model Amber Heard is 5’8″ tall and weighs 120 Pounds. Born in Texas, Amber knew she wanted to be an actress from an early age: as a teenager, Amber was a regular face in school production. However she dropped out of school from the age of 17 and headed to New York to pursue a career in modelling. Amber also appeared in TV commercials and campaigns. The superfly blonde then moved to Los Angeles to pursue her first love – acting. The rest was history.

Amber made various appearances in TV shows. She was also featured in two music videos: Kenny Chesney’s, There Goes My Life and Eisley’s I wasn’t Prepared. The good times were about to roll for Amber: In 2004, she was casted in the pilot episode of Jack and Bobby and The Mountain. 2004 was a breakthrough year for Amber as she made a short appearance as a shop assistant in The O.C and secured her first film role in Friday Nights Lights. After her performance in the 2004 film, Amber was, by no means, left on the scrapheap. She then had supporting roles in several of films, including Drop Dead Sexy (2005), Price to Pay (2006) and You Are Here (2006). Amber starred in Criminal Minds where she portrayed Lila Archer, a love interest of Spencer Reid. In more recent times, Amber was casted in the 2009 horror film, The Stepfather and the 2009 comedy, Ex-Terminators. Amber lived every girl’s dream as she worked alongside Johnny Depp for the 2011 film The Rum Diary. Amber was a very lucky girl indeed to work with such a seasoned actor like Depp, as she beat Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley to the role. In her 2009 interview with Teen Vogue, Amber described her role as Johnny Depp’s love interest, as ‘the best experience of my life.’