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107 lbs

How tall is Alyssa Milano? What is Alyssa Milano’s height and weight? Alyssa Milano stands 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 102 pounds. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Alyssa Milano began acting as a child, winning her first professional role after booking a touring production of “Annie”. She appeared in various professional theater productions before being cast in the hit 80s sitcom, “Who’s the Boss?”. After her time with “Who’s the Boss?” ended, she appeared in various films, taking on darker roles in an effort to combat her teeny-bopper image, before returning to television in the late 90s. Her return to the small-screen was highly successful with roles on “Melrose Place”, “Spin City”, and the hit supernatural drama, “Charmed”. She has since gone back and forth between film, television, and producing work, including projects such as “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend”, the short-lived sitcom, “Romantically Challenged “, “Castle”, and the film, “Hall Pass”.