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Allen Iverson's Height

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Allen Iverson's Weight

165 lbs

Allen Iverson stands 6 feet and 0 inches and weighs 165 pounds. Born in Hampton, Virginia, Allen Iverson proved to be a formidable athlete early on, becoming a championship player in both football and basketball while in high school. After graduation, he was recruited by Georgetown University’s basketball team, and played for the school until he was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in 1996. He played ten successful seasons with the 76ers, but began to have increasingly frequent clashes with the coaching staff. He was eventually traded to the Denver Nuggets, where again, he played well, but had difficulty with the coaching staff. After playing one unsuccessful season with the Detroit Pistons and part of a season with the Memphis Grizzlies, he returned to the 76ers. He played one season with the 76ers, before deciding to take time off to deal with family issues. In late 2010, he began to play for the Turkish Basketball League team, Besiktas, but his teammates subsequently went on strike after their paychecks were continually delayed, while his were always paid on time.